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What Does Tire Rotation Do?

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One of the most frequent and important vehicle maintenance steps that you’ll do on your vehicle is tire rotations. Performing frequent tire rotations on your vehicle will extend the life of your tires and prevent costly damages in the future. Many people don’t know what is tire rotation or how useful it is to the health of your car. 

When people ask, “what does tire rotation do,” we let them it’s a procedure that ensures all four of your tires are wearing equally of you don’t have to two wearing faster than the others. If you want to know more about the importance of tire rotation, use this guide to help you understand “what does rotating tires mean” and how often to do it. Also, if it’s time for you to rotate your tire, bring your vehicle down to our Clinton-area service center and have your vehicle service by our experienced technicians today! Reach out to our finance department if you’re in the market for a new vehicle and want to get a great deal on it!

What Is Tire Rotation?

The simple answer to “what does rotating tires mean,” is that tires are moved from one area of the vehicle to another, in most cases from the front to the rear, and vice versa. Other methods include moving the tires from one side of the vehicle to the other. There are some important reasons to fully understand, “what does rotating your tires mean,” which include:

  • Most cars carry more weight at the front, so front tires will typically wear out faster, but the type of drivetrain your vehicle has will also affect the rate at which each tire wears down. 
  • For example, in front-wheel drive vehicles, power is sent to the front axle and wheels to produce forward motion. Therefore the front tires will wear down faster than they would in rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or four-wheel-drive models.
  • This also means that your vehicle’s drivetrain will also affect the tire rotation pattern, to ensure that no tire wears down too fast compared to the whole set of tires.

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

Aside from making sure that all four tires wear evenly, it’s important to note other factors that make tire rotations, which include:

  • Maintains Traction: When tires wear down, they lose tire tread depth. A loss of tread depth means traction is reduced, which can interfere with your ability to control the vehicle in certain situations. Preventing uneven tire wear helps ensure that all tires have the same amount of tread.
  • Prevents Blowouts: Tires become more likely to fail as they get worn down. If you’ve ever had one blow out as you drive around Sullivan, you’ll know how unpleasant and potentially dangerous it can be.
  • Improves Performance: Tires working together that have uneven wear often produce vibration, which you’ll eventually feel through the steering wheel.
  • Maximizes Efficiency: Worn tires create a drag, strain the engine, and increase your fuel consumption.

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Now that you’ve learned about tire rotation and “what does tire rotation do,” service your vehicle at our Paris, IL-area dealership for high-end service. Our team of experienced technicians can service your vehicle in no time to have you back out onto the road. If you’re interested in our services, schedule a service appointment at Burger Chrysler Jeep today! Contact us for more information.

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