What Option is Perfect for You: Leasing or Financing Your Next Big Car Purchase

Shopping for a car, truck, or SUV is an incredibly exciting time for drivers because they will be given the chance to shop for something that is ready to stand out and make every drive more enjoyable. But, during this shopping process you are going to of course take notice of the prices of the cars you are interested in and be in the mindset of choosing the option that works best for you. If you are looking for to choose the best financing option, but aren't too sure which choice is right for you, we here at Burger Chrysler-Jeep Inc in Terre Haute, IN have taken the time to break down the differences between an auto loan and a lease and help you choose the option that best fits your lifestyle.

Either Choice is Perfect for More Drivers

When drivers from all over the Paris, IL or Brazil, IN areas are looking to get a great new car but can't choose the financing option for you, then Burger Chrysler-Jeep Inc is ready to help! We want to make sure that shoppers like you can understand the different financing options we offer and will make sure your shopping experience is about to really impress. We hope to see you soon!

Why an Auto Loan May Work for You

Auto Loan Terms are Flexible

  • When drivers like you from the Clinton, IN area is considering an auto loan you will have the chance to choose an auto loan that will better fit your needs. We can help you to find an auto loan that will be ready to impress and with a number of loan terms available, from two years to eight years, which will allow you to get a monthly payment you will love. Additionally, there is also a number of different interest rates and multiple lenders that will help you further choose an auto loan that really works for you. 

Enjoy the Car for Many Years

  • Most drivers want to buy a car and be able to keep it in their life for many years and when you buy your car you are able to really enjoy it for many years to come! In a lease for example you are bound to only drive the car for a specific number of miles and for the years according to the lease contract. 

You Can Trade or Sell Your Car at Any Time

  • One of the best parts about buying (financing) your car is that you are able to sell or trade it whenever you would like! You are able to decide that if your current car isn't working for you, you can visit our dealership again and get a different option. But, be warned, your payment may increase if you still have money to pay on your original loan or, if you have positive equity on your car, that can be used as a down payment!

A Lease is Loaded with Benefits

You Will Only Pay the Depreciation of Your Lease

  • If you are looking for a lower monthly payment then a lease may be one of the best choices possible because you are only paying for the projected depreciation. Driving around Sullivan, IN will be much more enjoyable when you have more money in your budget for adventures.

You Will Only Have to Keep Your Car Between 24 and 36 Months

  • When you are lease a car in the Farmersburg area you are usually only connected to the lease for two or three years and when your contract is up, you are then free to get a new car. But, if you really enjoyed and want to keep enjoying it, then you can actually work with our finance center and purchase out the car you have been able to love!

No Down Payment, No Problem!

  • if you are looking to get a new car that can help you enjoy the ride ahead, but you keep running into the big money issue, then a lease is a great choice because you do not need a down payment! Instead of putting a chunk of change down on the car of your choice, you can use that money to pay off important bills, put into savings, or plan a trip with your new car!