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What Are the Different Jeep 4xe Driving Modes?

2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

The iconic Jeep lineup now includes two plug-in electric hybrid (or PHEV) models: the Grand Cherokee 4xe and the Wrangler 4xe. One of the many things that make them stand out from their competition is that conventional hybrid vehicles have a single driving mode that combines gas and electric power, but these PHEVs have three driving modes. What are the different Jeep 4xe driving modes? Find out below, and then contact us at Burger Chrysler Jeep to go for a test drive around Terre Haute in a new Jeep 4xe!



Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode

You will enjoy an impressive Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode, and never have to worry about plugging in and charging your 4xe when it runs out of electric power. At that point, the Jeep 4xe automatically changes over to eSave Mode. The Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode is the default setting for all Jeep 4xe models, with an excellent balance of horsepower, quick acceleration, and fuel efficiency. How far can you drive in Hybrid Mode around Brazil? The Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode runs at up to 49 miles per gallon/kilowatt.

Jeep 4xe Electric Mode

As long as your electric battery charge level is at least 1% or more, the vehicle can still operate on 100% electric power. That means your drives around Sullivan will be nearly free of harmful tailpipe emissions! Jeep 4xe models can run for up to 21 miles in Electric Mode alone.

Jeep 4xe eSave Mode

In Jeep 4xe eSave Mode, the powerful 2.0L engine provides nearly all its power. However, the engine shuts off automatically when the power demand is minimal. Switching over to eSave mode is wise if you’re trying to save energy for a drive to Clinton later in the day and can’t stop to plug in and charge. When driving the Jeep 4xe in eSave Mode, you can get up to 20 MPG.

Jeep 4xe Regenerative Braking Technology

Regenerative Braking is another innovative feature of the 4xe. It charges the 4xe electric battery whenever the vehicle is decelerating or braking. That means you can gain a small amount of battery power without having to stop and charge the battery! It also allows you to slow the vehicle without pressing the brake pedal. This feature stays in default mode until you turn it off.

Test Drive a New Jeep 4xe Hybrid at Burger Chrysler Jeep Today

If you still have questions about Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode, Electric Mode, or eSave Mode, contact our helpful team today or drop by our dealership in Terre Haute. Let’s go for a test drive so you can see what all the buzz is about! You can apply for credit online and request a value for your trade-in from the comfort of your home. So, why wait? Reach out to us today!


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