FIAT Chrysler Company Continues to Progress Forward, into the Future of Convenience!

When it comes to the future of the automotive industry, a topic of conversation on many people's minds is the concept of the self-driving, autonomous car which is capable of handling navigation and driving without the need for human input. While this might not be a brand-new concept, it is one that has undergone research and refinement for decades now, with the earliest experiments beginning around the 1920s. However, the FIAT Chrysler Company recently announced an investment of over $30 million into the testing and refinement of self-driving vehicles through the Chelsea Proving grounds near Detroit, MI. This will involve refining the self-driving vehicle software and the acquisition of 62,000 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid models to their existing Waymo self-driving testing in the San Francisco Bay area. With this new infusion of investment capital, the dream of a self-driving car might become a reality, making the FIAT Chrysler Company, proud owners of the Jeep and Chrysler brands, one of the leading pioneers in the wave of the future!

While we may not see that many results on this front immediately, we here at Burger Chrysler Jeep are pleased to show you all of the latest driver-assistive technology that we do have to offer, which are great steps towards this autonomous future for automobiles. Let us take a look at some of these technologies available on Jeep and Chrysler models!

All-New Driver-Assistive Features to Improve Your Drive!

  • Full Speed Forward Collision Warning Plus: This alert system utilizes sensors on the front of the vehicle to alert you of impending collisions to the front bumper that you might not be aware of, such as skateboards, roadblocks, or sidewalks. With this warning, you can apply brakes as needed to avoid any frontal collisions.
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring and Cross-Path Detection: These systems utilize sensors on the sides of the vehicle to assist you with difficult tasks such as parallel parking or changing lanes on the highway. The Blind Spot Monitoring system monitors areas of the vehicle that cannot be seen from rearview mirrors and the Rear Cross Path detection helps keep you aware of obstructions when reversing in a parking lot.
  • ParkSense® Front/Rear Park-Assist System: Utilizing front and rear sensors, as well as the rearview camera, the ParkSense® system allows you to maneuver and park between tighter spaces and keeps you alert of potential stationary obstructions that might not be visible the naked eye. This system is also very helpful in parallel parking.
  • Rain Brake Support: This system automatically activates the windshield wipers upon detecting precipitation and enhances brake performance by keeping a small amount of pressure on the brake caliper, which helps to keep your brake rotors dry.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop: When activated, this feature monitors the distance between you and the vehicles around you on the highway and can bring the vehicle to a stop, as needed. Whereas most cruise control systems maintain a certain speed with light braking, the Adaptive Cruise Control system automatically adjusts speed as needed to avoid tailgating and potential collisions.

A Chrysler or Jeep Model for Your Future!

While the self-driving car might not be around immediately, the FIAT Chrysler Company is taking the steps to pioneer this innovation in automotive technology and has proven to be up to the challenge through the many driver-assistive technologies features on its Chrysler and Jeep vehicles, offered here in our new inventory. These enhanced technologies are designed to benefit your driving experience and help keep you alert of your surroundings. Be sure to ask your sales representative which trim levels feature these technologies when you test drive a brand-new Chrysler or Jeep model here at Burger Chrysler Jeep in Terre Haute, IN. See you soon!

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