Understanding Your Dashboard Warning Light

Understanding your car's communication indicators is a vital aspect that every driver should be familiar with. Signs and symbols play a crucial role in determining the requirements of your vehicle. The dashboard lights send a message to the driver to respond according to the demands of that signal. The driver should understand different warnings and alerts. Our service clientele at Burger Chrysler Jeep can help you diagnose the problem that your vehicle may be having when it has warning indicators on the dashboard. When your car in Terre Haute, IN, gives you a message when the light turns on, we are here to help!

• Overdrive Light: Indicates that an overdrive system has been manually turned off.

• Airbag Fault: A fault in the airbag systems compels the system to send this light. One should seek professional assistance to fix the problem.

• Door Ajar: an indication that the door is not closed.

Our dealership is ever open to fix any of the problems and give you a lasting solution to the warning lights on your dashboard.

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